It’s not rare to run into plumbing problems when you are managing a house. People complain about them all the time, especially when it’s their first time taking charge of one. That usually happens because that’s when you least expect things to go against you. Search the keywords on Google ‘plumber near me’ to get a plumber in your area now.

There are a series of scenarios that you need to prepare against when it’s related to plumbing. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be anything that a little hot water or patting the pipes can’t handle. But, if you have already crossed that off the list, then you need to get serious.

Common Plumbing Problems

Part of solving the problem would be identifying and then understanding it. If it’s a clogged drain or toilet, then something might be blocking your pipes, like grease or hair. These tasks would require you to put in some serious manual labor and time. Leaks are easy to deal with comparatively if you can locate them.

Besides them, you might be having pressure or heating issues with the water lines. These are the easiest to discover. You can encounter them due to a variety of situations. A water main break or leak can cause low pressure, while the heating might get affected due to mineral deposits.

Luckily for you, residential plumbing services can take care of this mess. The local plumbers in your area deal with these situations quite regularly and know all about plumbing repairs. You can also refer to them if you are thinking of cleaning or changing your water lines. So they can be your one-stop solution. But before moving to that option, let’s dig a little deeper to make sure that you need them.

Clogged Toilets & Drains

Starting from the top, slowly draining or standing water will tell you if a toilet or drain is clogged. For the sinks and shower lines, the causes might include hair, grease, or an ornament. You can also send down a toy or lid if you are careless. Toilets are not that dissimilar either, since any waste that can’t dissolve might block it.

Plungers can come in handy in these situations. Have a crack at it to see if you are in luck. You can also try tweezers or something similar to pull the light stuff out of the line. Or, you can flush down a fizzy mixture of salt, vinegar, and baking soda. These items will loosen the grip of residues blocking the drain. It becomes easier to unclog after that.

If none of this works, or the problem is recurring, that’s your cue to call in professional help. There could be something wrong with the pipes, lines, or the water itself. But whatever it might be, they will be able to take care of it for you.

Just try and make sure that you are not promoting this blockage by being careless. If that’s the case, no amount of help can save you from these issues.

Leaking Faucets & Pipes

These plumbing components have many small pieces when it comes to fixing them. Washers, rubber seals, and valves are some of them that might cause this. It happens that a seal might come off or tear due to its age or rough usage. Washers might also loosen up after a particular period. As for valves, they corrode over time and start to leak eventually. All of these can also occur because of some damage while shifting or high water pressure. In any case, you need to keep in mind that if there’s a leak, then the source is a joint.

If you have any experience with the tools in the past, then you can take care of these plumbing repairs yourself. Just make sure that you are using the specialty tools. But if not, then do keep in mind that experimenting under these circumstances can escalate things. So prefer reaching out for help if you think the job is out of your league.

Water Heater Issues

Any heater’s efficiency usually gets compromised because of some sediments or deposits in the unit. In rare cases, a leak can also lead to that. What happens is the water passing through it can leave minerals behind that settles at the bottom. It reduces the supply of hot water throughout your house.

There’s also a chance that these sediments make a weird churning sound. It is the result of heating that explodes these deposits. If you leave them unattended for long, then there’s a good chance that they damage the unit.

To solve the problem, check the pilot light and temperature to ensure that it isn’t malfunctioning. Drain and then clean the tank if you think that the problem is sediments and deposits. But in case there’s a leak, the job is not yours anymore. You need to hire plumbing services for tank repairs to continue enjoying your hot water.

Low Water Pressure

The water pressure in your lines is another common plumbing problem. It’s possible that you are experiencing it because of an issue with the supply line. If that is the case, then your neighbors should also be complaining the same.

If you have checked that one off your list, then you need to look for leaks within your house. Close all the outputs and wait for a couple of hours to see if the meter changes. That’s your cue to realize what’s causing the low pressure in the water lines. Search the keywords on Google ‘plumber near me’ to get a plumber in your area now.

But if none of this checks out, then you have sediments choking the width of your pipes. You will want to hire a professional plumbing service to clean those lines thoroughly. Maybe while at it, you can also ask them to install a filter. That should minimize the chances of it in the near future.


These were some common plumbing problems that you can encounter while managing your house. Knowing more about them is the first step towards dealing with them efficiently. So consider yourself warned, and be sure to go for a suitable option under any given circumstances. Search the keywords on Google ‘plumber near me’ to get a plumber in your area now.


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