When we talk about social work in the healthcare system, a variety of fields comes under this category. Either it is about a physician serving the people or a pharmacist working hand to hand with the medical experts. But the healthcare system does not only comprise of the doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, etc. There are other people too who are playing an immense role in making this system an effective one for humanity.

Alongside the treatment of patients, we also have social workers who are involved in supporting the patient’s family. And assist the hospitalized patient too. This social work in the healthcare system introduced in the early 20th century. Since then it is helping a lot of patients and their relatives in fighting against the illnesses. Not only in terms of psychosocially but emotionally too. Their work does not only revolve around providing heartfelt support to concerned patients and families. But they are also engaged in genetic counseling and the counseling at the mental agencies. They also play their part in psychotherapy, substance abuse, and disorders related to eating.

A lot of people have come forward and opting for this field. And are performing their duty actively to serve the nation in every possible way. For the people who are interested in this can do the masters in social work online from a reputable college. As this is the need for a profession, therefore one must have this master’s degree if he wants to work as a professional social worker. A person who enrolled in such programs has clinical social practice knowledge along with the crisis interventions and psychotherapy.

Today, we are going to spill the beans on the role of social work in the medical. For the people who are interested in this field, must give this article a read.


As we discussed earlier, social workers and their work have become a significant part of the healthcare system as they provide emotional, mental, and financial support to the patient and his family at the time of crisis. Let’s discuss the role of it in detail in the light of the health care system.


For the people who do not know, a lot of hospitals have changed this trend for their patients. Yes, you have heard it right. Instead of calling the psychiatrists from the outside, the hospital staff asks and calls the medical social workers to do the favor. The sole purpose of this social work by these people is to understand and assess the patient’s problems. And if they feel the need, then they can also contact the patient’s family to help him with this issue. In this way, the person having this degree can decide whether to take the patient to the psychiatrists or not.


For the people having a degree in social work, their responsibilities are too many. Not in terms of helping people only but also to educate them about their disease and illness. Many times, patients refused to take medications or do not believe in the treatment. Hence, being an essential part of the health community, it is your job to educate and guide him. Sometimes, doctors and nurses have immense pressure on work, and they cannot give extra time to each patient. Therefore, it comes under your job to ensure that they have understood all the relevant details. That could be related to their discharge procedures, bills, medicines, and so on.


When it comes to social work, it does not stop here. It extends to the community too. The purpose is to promote healthy activities among young children to make them aware of these things. And to ensure that good health practices are following in every corner of the world. People with a degree in social work can lead such changes in the community as they know of it. They can promote these activities in their community with the aid of health workers. And also with the business agencies to work along with you.


Many times a lot of people are under the various surgeries and illnesses. That often makes them weak physically, mentally, and emotionally. Therefore, social workers can help them in facing it with bravery and courage. One can also make the organization group where the parents of children with diseases can have mental counseling. That will help them to fight this battle with all the strength. As sometimes, you need emotional support rather than financial aid. Hence, you can cover a large group of people at a time to cope-up with their psychotic issues. And to rebuild confidence in themselves and connects with the world again.


It might sound strange but yes, social work is not about educating the patient about their treatments. Or organizing the community to help them in building their inner confidence. And aware of them about safe hygiene and health practice. It also includes information about the rights of a patient that every patient holds. These are the rights of getting treated with respect and dignity. Their rights to choose the adequate doctor for themselves and make their decisions. It also includes the right to be free from getting neglected and exploited. A lot of patients and even their families do not know about these things. Hence, these social workers must educate them about their rights too.


Sometimes if you want to bring a positive change in any field, then you have to be part of it. No matter in which manner you are going to play your role. Social work is also helping people in many ways. Either by educating the patients and their dear ones. Or by giving them psychotherapy, information about their rights, and so on.


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