Fathers day is an occasion that is celebrated all around the world, mostly
on the third Sunday in June. This occasion marks the significance of the role
of fathers in their children’s lives. It is a day to acknowledge and celebrate
the efforts of fathers all around the globe.

No child would disagree through the love of his father and his immeasurable contributions in his life. This day serves the purpose of letting the fathers know that they are the artisans of one’s life.

This day was originally founded by one Sonora Smart Dodd, who was the
daughter of an American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart. It held in 1910 in America. Since then, this event has known throughout the world! In a few countries, it comes in August and September of every year.

Like the other special days, we have in a year in the form of Mother’s Day or
Valentine’s Day, this day has tremendous excitement and eagerness. Children make their father’s feel special by buying them their favorite perfume or anything that they are fond of! The day marks having a family dinner or a lunch where all the children gather to appreciate their fathers’ efforts for them. It’s a reminder for the fathers that they hold a special place in their children’s hearts.

To Celebrate Fathers Day

This year, however, the father’s day celebration wasn’t the same due to the
the pandemic that we all are facing. Everything is leading to lessened expression of excitement. Despite these limitations, people still managed to express their love for their fathers by sending greeting cards and flower bouquets! Many of us celebrated this day on a video call with our fathers. Although it wasn’t easy to stay away from our fathers on this day, we somehow managed.

Last Words

Some of us were blessed and lucky to have their fathers by their sides. Some
of us grieved by the loss of their fathers this year. We should always be
thankful to God for giving us such loving fathers who fulfill our needs by sacrificing their health, money, and time. Always love your fathers from the core of your hearts and make them feel exceptional throughout your lives!


Besides blogging, the writer manages french cuisine during the day and makes art on glass or metal for a living.


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