COVID19: Coronavirus is an infectious disease, which was unknown to most people until December 2019. It first appeared in China and then spread like a fire in the forest, around the world. From research, it concludes that the rapid spread of the virus fuels the human connection that eventually resulted in a pandemic.

The scientists were unaware of its cause. Hence, safety measures such as social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands were made mandatory. And for all national authorities to impose lockdown in their countries.

The Economy during COVID19

COVID19 has affected the economy and the mental well-being of people of every age. Since no one knew about the sudden drastic measures, the lockdown had diverse effects on the psychological well-being. Hence, because of the considerable change around everyone’s lifestyle and social activities.

Psychological Well Being

Depression and anxiety were increasing because people were unable to assess the failure of businesses and change in routine. It’s hard for people to adapt to a new lifestyle as they are facing quite a few challenges. There has been a tremendous increase in domestic abuse cases globally.

The uncontrollable spread, failure of medical research facilities, and economic downturns led to an increase in anxiety among the people. 

The Uncertainty

The virus has led people to be conscious of their health due to the drastic change in their lifestyle.

However, on the positive side, this new experience harnesses to their hobbies and spending more time building themselves. People are taking noticeable changes in their diet and physical activities.

The circumstances brought the people closer during the COVID19 and people keep a check on their family and friends. The fear of the virus also led to self-motivation, self-care, and an increase in empathy. To read further about guarding mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can visit this website to help increase awareness and understanding of all aspects of coping with the stress of bereavement and the lockdown.


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