Since we are living in a day and age where technology is just booming with advancements, it is only a matter of time when things that were once a part of the real world have slowly shifted onto the virtual realm.

Hence, let us discuss an essential example of this- esports betting. It was pretty slow but has gotten an overwhelming boost in popularity for the last couple of years. Since esports bookmakers are in high demand, people are now making a living out of playing their favorite video games, and many others are betting on the best players to earn big time in the process as well.

However, there are still some people who are not aware of esports betting-nor how they can bet on these games either.

If you are one of these people, then you are in luck! We are here to talk about some of the essential tips to help you out while you are placing your bets.

Best Sports Betting Websites

When it comes to esports championships, the first thing you need to know is where accurately you can place your bets for particular games.

There are many betting websites online that are regulated and also safe for you to place your bets on. Some of the best betting websites are “Luckbox,” which offers a bonus deposit for new members, live streaming via Twitch, and has a pretty broad selection of popular games as well.

“888sport” is also a great website. It allows you to stream esports matches on both Twitch and YouTube. It has many special offers and bonuses that attract both new and veteran members as well.

Pick a Game That You Know

Once you join the esports community, you will come to know that there is a wide variety of games- League of Legends, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike GO, to name a few that you can choose from to place your bets on.

Every year many games are developed and become a significant part of esports, but do not let that tempt you into betting into them if you are not aware of how that game works.

The better you know a game, the higher the chances are that you will win your bets. Take your time and research every game so that you can understand its characters and intricate patterns so that you are more aware of how the gameplay will work out.

Look Into the Best Esports Team

It is not enough to know about the game. It can be a significant benefit for you if you also follow some of the best Esports teams out there, for eg: one esports dota 2 and others.

If you are starting out placing your bets, knowing about the past winning records of each team can make it easier for you to choose which one you should pick. Great teams such as Cloud9, Astralis, and Faze Clan, etc. have relatively won many games. Many people bet on them when they do not want to take a significant risk with the betting.

Plus, knowing the winning streaks of a team will help you figure out whether the betting system is authentic or it is just conning new bet placers of their money.

Stick to a Betting Budget

One of the most common struggles that new bet placers have is, “How much money should we invest in a bet?”

Many websites have a different betting rate depending on which country, the variety of games they have, or the exclusive bonuses that they offer. The easiest method, however, is to come up with your betting budget-meaning. You should pick a certain amount that will not significantly cripple your bank account if you lose a bet.

Once you have placed a reasonable amount of bets, you become more aware of how the betting system works, which is when you can go ahead and bet higher when you believe you have better chances at winning.

Make Use of Live Betting

Sure, you can place your bets before the big match. But did you know you can also place your bets while the championships are going on?

You need to have a bit more experience to pull off the best betting advantages. First off, find a site such as Twitch, which has an option for free live streaming. The next thing to do is to focus. Look at how the gameplay is working out and how well individuals are playing.

If you are lucky in quickly figuring out how the match will proceed, you can place your bets before the sports betting website can alter the bet rates.   

If you are starting, we suggest that you should stick to placing bets before a match. But later on, when you become more aware of how the esports community works, you can get better benefits through live betting.


So far, 23 billion dollars are given away on these championships, and the number will continue to grow from now on. It is why once you have these essential tips down, it will make it easier for you to place higher bets. So do not be hesitant and try out, making your first bet on some of your favorite games worldwide.


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