Opening the closet can be an ordeal in certain circumstances or events, such as an elegant dinner. It can happen on any occasion, such as a work dinner, dinner with friends, or a romantic dinner. All of them are very different, but they still have something in common: they require a suitable wardrobe for the circumstances. If you do not know how to dress for an elegant dinner with simplicity, we leave you all the keys to having a perfect evening.

Ideas for an elegant dress at dinner

To make any nighttime memorable, take note of these ideas to dress elegantly in a dinner and that all eyes are focused on you.

Ideas for the torso

If you bet on a two-piece look, choose garments that give elegance for themselves to the upper area. Blouses or shirts are perfect for any occasion, especially those of plain and striking colors. The t-shirts are not the best option for this type of event, although perhaps you can find an elegant one that matches the rest of the set. Don’t forget that a blazer jacket can be the perfect complement to give elegance to a more casual look.

Ideas for the bottom

If you prefer pants, bet on dress pants or one of tweezers, preferably a dark color, such as black or navy blue. In case you opt for a skirt, an elegant dinner can be the perfect occasion to go with a tube skirt of a length not lower than the knee. It is better to avoid miniskirts so as not to cause a wrong feeling in the rest of the attendees.

Dress tips

To attend an elegant dinner with a dress, it is essential to choose a model that is not too simple or too ornate. For example, a successful option for any occasion is a black dress of medium cut, neither too short nor too long. If you prefer another color, a dark shade, such as navy blue or burgundy, is more recommendable for the night.

The turn of the shoes

In a matter of shoes, every woman is a universe in herself. Black heels are a safe bet because they combine with any wardrobe and bring a touch of elegance. If you prefer something riskier, you can find various options in party shoes section of a store, with shapes and colors for all tastes and needs.

Watch makeup

The last point to consider is makeup. If you do not want your face to appear very ornate and not severe, avoid using too many products. A base and some details are enough to get the perfect image for an elegant dinner.

It is essential that you choose what you choose, you always feel comfortable and sure of yourself. With these tips on how to dress for an elegant dinner, you just have to decide what you like and prepare to enjoy a perfect evening.

What to wear for an informal dinner?

The ideal wardrobe for a dinner of this type is to opt for a long dress, without it being excessively luxurious.

Invited to an informal dinner: what should I wear?

At night events, even ‘informality’ becomes more elegant. An informal dinner, also if they invite us in writing, does not usually carry any type of associated ‘label.’ Both verbally and in writing do not typically indicate the dress code that we must keep.

For a casual dinner, a long dress is an excellent choice to go without being excessively luxurious. For example, a black suit will be perfect for such a feast. Also, a short evening suit – below the knee – can be used for this occasion. We cannot forget the sets of pants and a blouse or shirt or any other combination that comes to mind. It is not necessary for the formality of an evening dress or the informality of a sports outfit.


We can wear some jewelry. It is not necessary as much sumptuousness as if you were going to a gala dinner. We can wear a delicate fantasy necklace, some bracelets, and a ring.

The night allows and ‘requires’ a more intense makeup than for the day.

The high-heeled shoe, although a half-heeled pump, is also allowed, depending on the dress you choose.

The bag should be small, hand-held, made of metal or hawksbill, although a more giant bag is also accepted – not beach type – but of medium size. The simple lines bag well combined with the rest of the wardrobe.

Costumes for men to attend an informal dinner

A suit without a tie, or a matching jacket and pants set, can be the right choice. Another great option is to wear a pair of Chinese or Docker pants, with a t-shirt and a current-cut jacket. If we want to go something more informal, a pants-shirt-jersey set may be an appropriate choice.

The complements: few but suitable for the look we want to achieve. Watch, bracelet, a neck muffler, and some other accessories that we like to wear. The general appearance – hair, face, hands, etc. – should be well taken care of to highlight the right image of us.

When is it time to wear a short dress?

The women’s clothing requires a certain formality but not enough to wear a cocktail dress or a long one.

Perhaps it is a work meal, an awards ceremony in the morning, or an inauguration. Of course, a short dress does not mean it is a miniskirt. The skirt should reach the knee or a little higher, but not more than that.

When is it time to wear a cocktail dress?

You can wear it both day and night for events that require a particular label. It is essential that both the fabric and the cut of the same quality and breathe elegance.

Of course, headdresses are not removed at any time of the event, even when we are indoors. They are taken off when we get home once everything is finished. If we anticipate that we may be uncomfortable, better choose another ornament.

We will choose a cocktail dress for weddings, baptisms, and communions, for important meals and for events of a specific size.

We can invest a little more in a different, more elegant bag with rhinestones and other ornaments.


Of course, beware of ending up like a Christmas tree. If the dress is striking, it is better to go with elegant and discreet hair, small jewelry, and shoes accordingly.


Besides blogging, the writer manages french cuisine during the day and makes art on glass or metal for a living.


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