We’re surrounded by electricity – it’s all around us! It’s incredible how we’re so used to it that we take it for granted. Electricity is all great until we come across the only threat that it poses: the notorious electric shocks! While sometimes it’s just a fun stun, at other times, it can be life-threatening.  

We are aware of everything there, but a little bit of negligence can cost us a lot. One of the leading causes of the electrical accident is aged and deteriorated electrical installations. Maintaining them in case of damage is necessary over time. The absence of safety devices, improper handling of the appliances, and electrical overload can become the source of fires and electrocutions.

We need to take measures to avoid such accidents. Finding an electrician can be a hassle, but the hazards are too many to leave it unchecked. A shock that does not seem to be a big deal at first can also leave permanent damage. Electric shocks can contract muscles permanently and even cause discoloration at the point of collapse. Prevention is always better than cure because electric shocks can be fatal, and you might not also get a chance to cure it (fingers crossed).

Here are a few simple tips to follow. These will help avoid unnecessary risks which might cause electric shocks:

Don’t touch switchboards with wet hands!

Make sure your hands are parched before touching the switch. Don’t unplug a working appliance if a power outlet is wet. Turn off the electrical power throughout the house first, then detach it from the plug and let it dry completely.

You should know the location of the electrical panel in your house. It will come in handy to turn off the power for easy and quick action in case of an accident. Avoid contact with devices that are plugged into the power supply if your hands are wet. Do not reuse the appliance until you make sure that it is safe to reuse.

Take the necessary precautions

If you are barefoot or have wet hands, do not touch anything electric. Always try to wear gloves and shoes with a rubber base to avoid electric shocks. Hold a wooden stick or any other insulator while dealing with tricky wires or a loose socket.

Take precautions and have an expert check the proper functioning of wires and ensure electrical insulation. If you are going to disconnect a device, always do it from the tab and never pull the cable. Pulling the cable can cause the wires to unhinge from the plug. This can result in a shock and can also damage the appliance.

When you remove the cables from any device (including the mobile charger), always do so when you have turned off the machine. It is a common practice that chargers are left connected in the socket. This is very dangerous as they can overheat, or fluctuation can cause shocks and also start electrical fires. Never leave a device connected or a charger in the socket without charging anything to avoid all kinds of hazards.

Install your appliances properly

If you feel a little tickle when touching your appliances, something might be wrong. There can be several reasons for this problem. You must take care of it before it becomes a significant issue or causes any severe injury.

Here are some of the reasons why your appliances may be a danger to you:

  • You did the installation wrong: Most of the time, people do not follow the installation instructions. This can cause an electrical short circuit and even permanently damage the appliance. The most feasible thing is that when you do the installation, consult an expert to prevent your products from having problems in the future.
  • If your appliances use water like washing machines or dishwashers, the water is likely to be leaking somewhere. Its contact with the electrical connections is a critical hazard. You should call an electrician immediately as this situation can cause a short circuit in your home, causing damage to all your appliances.
  • Sometimes the problem does not lie in the appliance, but the electrical installation of your home. Poor lighting causes electricity not to be adequately supplied on your products and causes damage that can lead to electric shock.

Child Proof

The first measure to prevent our children from getting involved in home accidents is precisely to inform them of the dangers of electricity. But until they can understand and integrate what happens when it is misused, it is our responsibility to put all precautionary measures within our reach.

Childproof all the sockets, especially the ones which are accessible for the children to reach. Put an insulated covering over them to prevent children from inserting their fingers or objects into the plugs. Do not leave children unsupervised when your house isn’t childproof.

Never allow children to play with any cable that they may find lying on the ground. It may still have a connection to the power line and can easily give them an electric shock. Cover the plugs with protectors to prevent children from putting their fingers and other objects in them. To protect them, you shouldn’t come up with any DIY safety devices as they can be dangerous and not fulfill their function well. It is always better to buy the protectors from your nearby hardware stores and make sure they are approved.

Avoid Multiple Adapters

Avoid using multiple adapters or electric extensions. Connecting several appliances to a single outlet using a various electrical extension could overheat it. Malfunctioning in one switch will cause the full extension to fluctuate, and the people using the other devices can get a shock.

If using multiple adapters is unavoidable, then at the least, they should be mount to a wall. Keep in mind to connect the extension to the ground wire. Two hazards can be void by this, tripping over the cables for an injury.

The separation of the sockets (lines of holes for each plug) is essential so that there are no difficulties when connecting and disconnecting the devices. The more separated they are, the easier it is to connect devices with plugs of larger sizes; for instance, those with transformers. Similarly, the holes oriented obliquely or parallel to the base are more practical than those oriented vertically to the core.

Wrapping up without a home alone electric shock

As every good thing comes with a price, so does electricity. It requires the right amount of necessary precautionary measures because the degree of it being harmful can be life-threatening as well. Taking all of the safety measures such as helmets, gloves under consideration can although minimizes accidents, but few things still need to be made under the control of electricians as they are the experts. So, instead of overlooking the slightest damage, one should prevent the accident before anything dangerous happens as a little ignorance can go a long way ahead.


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